What We Buy

We carry almost every type of music.  In CDs  we have Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country, Alt-Country, Metal, World, Celtic, Reggae, Male & Female Vocalists, Classical and Soundtracks.

We DO NOT BUY CDs  in the following genres: HipHop, Big Band, New Country, Dance, Crooners, and Francais (some exceptions).

In DVDs  and Blu-Rays,  we buy movies that are popular, or unique.  We want quality films.  We buy Dramas, Action, Horror, Sci-fi, Westerns, Comedies, Musicals, Concert films, Children’s films, Foreign Films, and Documentaries.  We also buy TV series, with particular interest in older classics (Get Smart to the Sopranos), current favourites, and British BBC series.

In LPs,  we pay top price for classic rock & roll, jazz and blues.  Our primary focus is records released since the beginning of the rock & roll era (1955). We will consider all other genres of music except Classical LPs.

LPs  must be in very good condition with no skips, deep scratches, or warps.  Covers must be in good shape, and intact.  No records with mould.

CDs  and DVDs  must be in very good condition with no significant marks on them.  They must include both front and back cover.  The condition of the case is not important because we put all discs in new cases.

We reserve the right to turn down offers of products we are over-stocked in, consider out-of-date or unsellable.  The store can only display so many titles so our buying focus is on those most likely to sell.

We put all discs in new cases.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Turning Point is open 7 days a week, including Sundays (1:00 – 5:00).  Beginning in September 2015, the store will only be selling on Sundays.  We will no longer be buying or trading on Sundays.  Customers are welcome to continue bringing in LPs, CDs, and Movies on Sundays, but our staff will not evaluate them until Monday, when we will contact you with an offer.


Movie Inventory Weeks, Dec. 3 – 17, Sorry not buying movies or TV series.  Trades OK.