What We Pay

These are our guidelines as to what kind of an offer you can expect when you bring your CDs,  DVDs/Blu-Rays,  and LPs  to the Turning Point.

CDs: We pay anywhere from $ 1.00 to $ 4.00 for individual CDs.  Double CDs  run $ 4.00 – $ 6.00.  A typical price for a strong title in good condition would be $ 3.00 – $ 4.00.  We pay less for CDs  that are common titles.

DVDs:  We pay $ 2.00 to $ 3.00 for most DVDs  and Blu-Rays.  TV Series  run from $ 5.00 to $ 12.00 depending on popularity.  We pay TOP DOLLAR for strong and unusual films!!  Criterion, foreign film classics, and out-of-print titles can fetch up to three times as much as a normal film.

LPs:  We pay anywhere from $ 1.00 – $ 5.00 for LPs,  depending on their rarity, and what we can sell them for.  For “collectible” LPs  see below.

Collectors Items:  In the case of a truly collectible item, perhaps a rare CD  Box set, or a rare LP,  we pay more.  Generally, for such items, we’ll pay 40-50% of what we’re going to sell it for.  A highly prized LP  might sell for $60.00 and we would pay you $30.00 for it.  The more we expect to sell it for, the higher percentage you receive (up to 50%).

We will always offer you the option of cash or trade value in store credit.  Trade value is 25% more than cash.  So if we offer you $ 100.00 cash for your CDs  or LPs  you have the option of receiving $ 125.00 in store credit.

You can spend it all at once on any products in the store or you can create a credit “tab” and spend it on your future visits.  At any one time the Turning Point has hundreds of customers enjoying this option.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Turning Point is open 7 days a week, including Sundays (1:00 – 5:00).  Beginning in September 2015, the store will only be selling on Sundays.  We will no longer be buying or trading on Sundays.  Customers are welcome to continue bringing in LPs, CDs, and Movies on Sundays, but our staff will not evaluate them until Monday, when we will contact you with an offer. 

Movie Inventory Weeks, Dec. 3 – 17, Sorry not buying movies or TV series.  Trades OK.